Holy Family Medical Associates, LLC, is a family medicine practice, providing a full range of care to you and your loved ones while following the teachings of the Catholic Church.

A Steward of Medicine, but of God First

Many are familiar with St. Thomas More and the similar, noteworthy phrase attributed to him. The culture of his time, though not as hostile to Catholic moral teaching as ours is today, attempted to alter the truth. Our culture often denies objective truth even exists.

Yet we know that our Lord Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and that the Truth will set us free and cannot be snuffed out. We must live out this truth consistently by placing God at the center of our being. A Catholic physician has the tremendous responsibility to study intensively the art, science, and ethics of medicine and to apply them faithfully.

Our Family

Philip McNeely, MD
Family Medicine

Richard Wurtz, MD
Family Medicine

Timothy Fischer, MD
Family Medicine

Arthur Grinstead, MD
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